Secure monthly cancelable subscription now and start only when it reopens!

“Because health should be in focus”

Decide right now for our “Health NOW!” Action and start completely uncomplected at reopening.

Thus secure yourself a:

-MONTHLY cancelable subscription

-for only € 79 instead of € 98 monthly

-& one personal training session FREE of charge

-with online registration there is an additional 1 month FREE of charge

Click for online registration!

Of course, the contract only starts when it reopens!

You can also decide on the spot with us for this action. We are, from 08.02.202, from Mon – Fri 11-17 clock at the reception. From 15.02.2021 from Mon – Fri 11-17 h and Sat 9-15 h

*in case of online registration additional 1 month free of charge before start of contract / plus a one-time membership card fee of € 20 & an annual service fee of € 29.90 / can always be terminated at the end of the month with a 4-week notice period / P.T. cannot be redeemed in cash