Power Plate

The vibration technology that was already used during 1960’s space travel has been further developed and packed into the Power Plate. Only two weekly sets of 10 minutes on the Power Plate has been proven to have a positive impact on your figure, musculature and health.

How often should you train on the Power Plate?

It does not matter in the long run, but on the intensity of the application. Just 10 minutes twice a week is enough to reach your personal health, beauty and fitness goals.

How does Power Plate work?

The accelerations generate up to 50 muscle reflexes per second. This activates almost all muscles in the body.


The metabolic activity is increased by training on the Power Plate. In combination with a controlled diet, the fat loss is effectively supported.

The muscle power is increased

Ten minutes on the Power Plate are enough to compare it to a 90-minute fitness workout. The vibrations claim almost all muscle groups.

The blood circulation is improved

The oxygen supply in the tissue is increased by the blood circulation and the connective tissue tightened. Cellulite is being resected. Also, Power Plate releases muscle tension.

Higher efficiency

Each Power Plate unit also uses low-lying muscles. This increases the oxygen supply in the body and improves the regeneration phase. Consequently, one is more efficient.

Application in medicine

Vibration training is also used in medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.


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