Frequently asked Questions:


What is special about Femme Firtness?
  • Femme Fitness is the largest fitness and wellness club exclusively for and by women.
    Femme Fitness is unique in size and with this concept in Austria

Training at Femme Fitness:

Can I do a trial at Femme Fitness?
  • Yes – you can come by anytime in our studio and try out all the training areas and the wellness area in the studio with the trial training card for a whole day.
    The trial training card costs € 15. If you decide to become a member within 7 days, you will be credited with this amount.
    If you are under the age of 18, you can only purchase a trial training card accompanied by a legal guardian (over 15 years of age).
    Also, look out for promotions and promotions that will allow you to try Femme Fitness for free.
Can I take friends to the training?
  • Yes – you can always bring friends. Here’s the same thing as the practice session: your friends will get a € 15 trial training card on their first visit and will be credited with this amount if they sign up to join Femme Fitness within seven days. If your girlfriend is under the age of majority, she can only buy a trial training card accompanied by a legal guardian (over 15 years of age).If your friends are not with us for the first time, they will solve a day ticket for € 22.
How often can I exercise?
  • Our studio is open for you from Monday to Friday from 7 to 22 o’clock, Saturday from 7 to 20 o’clock and on Sunday and public holidays from 10 to 20 o’clock. There are no restrictions regarding the studio visits.
    Of course, a meaningful training session based on a training plan is very important. It should be noted that your training success depends not on the frequency of training sessions, but on how well you choose the timing for stress and subsequent rest periods. Our trainers will give you the best tips here as well.

Studio and equipment:

Where can I find your studio?

  • Our studio can be found in 1010 Vienna, Kärntner Ring 11-13 / 63, in the Ringstrassen Galleries.
Which fitness equipment can I find at Femme Fitness?
  • Our studio is equipped with the most modern equipment of the market leaders. For the cardio machines, we rely on Precor, the weight machines come from gym80.
    We also have the Kinesis® Station from Technogym an a Powerplate device in our studio.
Are there any aerobics classes?
  • We offer a daily changing Group Fitness course program.
    From BBP to Pilates and Yoga to Zumba and many more courses.
What is in the wellness area?
  • Our wellness area is equipped with a sauna, an infrared cabin and a relaxation area with relaxation music.

Registration and first training:

Do I have to register before my first visit?
  • You can train with us at any time without advance notification (no matter if with trial training card, day ticket or voucher). Attention: If you are not yet of age, please come together with a legal guardian (from 15 years).
What should I take to the training?
  • For training at Femme Fitness you need:
    • appropriate sportswear
    • clean indoor sports shoes
    • towel
    • padlock

Towels and padlocks can also be purchased at the front desk if required.
Sporting activity without T-shirt and without fixed sports shoes is not allowed. Further information can be found in our house rules in our studio or at our crew.

What do I need if I only want to go to the spa?
  • Here you can solve a trial training card, as in the trial training, or a day ticket.

To maintain hygiene in the spa you need:

  • a big towel
  • slippers
What do I need for a registration?
  • For registration in the studio please bring a valid photo ID, your debit card (or another confirmation of your bank account) and € 20 for your membership card.
How old do I have to be to train at Femme Fitness?
  • 14-16 years: You can basically start training at Femme Fitness. Prerequisites are: a compulsory introductory training with a personal trainer and the okay of our studio supervisor and your parents. A guardian must be present at the registration. It is best to inquire in advance in our studio (come by in person or call).
  • 16-18 years: It is okay for the parents – please bring a guardian to the conclusion of the contract. (Please bring a photo ID as a parent too.)
  • By the way, you can always sign a contract from 18 years on and start training immediately.

Care during training:

Are Femme Fitness trainers creating personalized training and nutrition plans?
  • Professionally trained personal trainers are available in our studio. These can be booked for 1 hour, equal to 2 hours or a block of 10.
    From a booking of 2 hours, they will provide you with a personalized training and nutrition plan.
    1 hour costs € 59, 2 hours € 110 and a block of 10 costs € 450.

Information including contacts to all available trainers you get in our studio.

Who informs me about the operation of the fitness equipment?
  • Of course, our employees are there to help you with questions about the use of our fitness equipment.

Membership and contract:

Which memberships do you offer?
  • Annual contracts for € 98 per month (Student internal rate for € 69 per month, valid only with a valid student card). Minimum term 3 months.

Monthly contracts for € 139 including membership card (Student internal rate for € 79 without membership card).

Blocks of 10 for € 190 (includes 11 day passes and is valid for 10 months.

The day ticket (one day of training in the studio) costs € 22.

The trial training card (one day getting to know the studio) costs € 15. This amount will be credited to you within 7 days of completing a membership.

How do I pay my membership-fee?
  • You pay your membership-fee monthly with an annual contract, conveniently by direct debit.
    For a monthly contract, 10 block, day pass or trial training card you pay directly at the reception.
Which forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept debit cards, credit cards (VISA and Mastercard).
How long does a membership take?
  • Your membership will run until you cancel (minimum term 3 months).
    The monthly contract ends automatically after one month and the block of 10 ends automatically after 10 months.
When can I cancel my membership?
  • Our annual contract is a perpetual contract that runs until you actively terminate it. You will find your notice period on your contract copy (or the digital contract copy, which we have sent you by e-mail).
    You are welcome to inquire with our crew in the studio about your contract and your deadlines.
How do I cancel my contract?
  • By e-mail with written notice (including signature) to or by registered mail to Femme Fitness Studio GmbH, Kärntner Ring 11-13 / 63, 1010 Vienna.
I have a question about the debited amount, what should I do?
  • You can always contact us directly in the studio, call +43 1 512 10 20 or send us an e-mail to
How can I change my data (name, direct debit, address or other)?
  • You are welcome to send us all changes including confirmations, copies or similar by e-mail to
I want to return my membership card, what should I do?
  • You do not have to return your membership card, but you can reactivate it later when you sign up again. Then the membership-card-fee of € 20 will be waived.
I lost my card, what should I do?
  • Come to our studio so we can lock the old card and issue a new one with a membership-card-charge of € 20.

Sunbeds and wellness area:

Who can use the sunbeds?
  • Non-members can also use our sunbeds (of course, only women).
    2 minutes costs only € 1.
At what age may I use your sunbed?
  • For legal reasons, the use of sunbeds is only allowed if you have reached the age of 18. It is best to always have an ID-card with you.
Is someone on site who informs me about the use of the sunbeds and instructs accordingly?
  • Our team will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make good use of our tanning beds. Neck supports are available in the sunbeds and solarium goggles are also available from our crew.
What are the opening hours for the Femme Fitness sunbeds?
  • The same opening hours apply to our sunbeds as for our studio.
Which sunbed devices are available?
  • Our sunbeds are exclusively equipped with state-of-the-art Soltron and UltraSun appliances. The sunbed-tubes are maintained and exchanged according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Further information can be obtained from our crew.
Which devices is the wellness area equipped with?
  • Our wellness area is equipped with a Gruber-sauna and an infrared cabin.
How many degrees does the sauna have?
  • Our sauna has a final temperature of 75 degrees.
Is the sauna or the infrared cabin to be paid extra?
  • Our entire wellness area is included in every membership.
Is someone on site, informing me about the use of the sauna or the infrared cabin and instructs accordingly?
  • Our team is happy to provide you with all the information you need to use our sauna and our infrared cabin.


Any Questions? Get in touch and we will be glad to help.